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Carved into the property's 6 acres of woodlands is a park that was created by the grandfather of Piero Calamandrei, one of the authors of the Italian constitution. The guidebook for the park's partial restoration are passages from his book La Casa di Campagna. Marta found the book in a small Parisian bookshop & the author's vivid description (now translated into English) of playing in the woods as child allows you to retrace his ~125 year old steps on a quiet walk in the woods.Joe first walk through the then overgrown woods lead to a discovery by his young son. Peaking his head between two large fallen cypress trees he found a small grotto with collapsed vaulted ceilings. They would learn through town legend & Calamandrei's childhood memories, that the grotto was the "Prigione della Pia" or Pia's prison from Dante's Purgatory. Our wine is named in her honor & now you can sit in the original chair where she was chained centuries ago.

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