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Our village, Sant'Andrea in Percussina is perched on one of the first hills in Chianti and stands watch over the city of Florence. Most small towns tell big tales, some are documented while others are passed from one generation to the next. La Pia tales stretch back centuries going as far back as Dante's Inferno, Machiavelli's Prince (written on our street during his exile from Florence) & Calamandrei's Inventario della casa di Campagna (the country house).​ Romances start with a spark (an idea), then ignites with oxygen (hard work) to then becomes a roaring fire.  La Pia is the realized dream of Joe Mastrangelo (the spark) and Marta Santoro (the oxygen).  Growing up on different continents they both quickly realized that their family dinners were exactly same just in two different languages.  Food & laughter, along with good wine, shared with friends & family have driven their vision for La Pia.   They purchased La Pia after driving past it every Sunday morning for 5 years to buy bread at a local store. The past 9 years what was a dormant farm has now been brought back to life. After spending the last decade splitting time between first Paris, then Zurich & Florence they have now moved back home. They now look forward to sharing their passions & building new friendships around the table at La Pia.​

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